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“Your one-stop shop for independent insurance agencies”

Your Access All Lines Insurance

Auto Insurance

We have access to top auto insurance companies, including standard and non-standard markets.

Home Insurance

Access standard and specialty homes insurance companies, including vacant homes and under construction.

Specialty Insurance

Become a one-stop shop for your clients and provide motorcycle, RV, and other specialy markets.

Business Insurance

Altus Market Access provides direct access to hundreds of business insurance markets.

Workers Comp

Workers Compensation Insurance is one of the most profitable markets in the insurance industry.

Commercial Auto

Access top tier commercial auto insurance markets for your customers through our program.

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Featured Agent Programs

Altus Market Access offers three unique programs for independent agents with differing insurance experience levels.

This program is developed for beginning agents who are starting out their insurance business.

This program is created for independent agents who are currently working with a cluster, general agent or wholesalers with limited access to personal and commercial markets.

This program is designed for established independent agents who are ready to scale their business and grow to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the biggest issue being independent agents?

The biggest problem independent agents run into is having binding authority. Without the ability to bind a policy, agents are forced to delay coverage and risk the possibility of losing potential customers.

Do I own my book of business?

Yes! Altus Affiliates and Partnership agencies always maintain 100% ownership of their business.

What is the difference between the Affiliate and Partnership agencies?

An Affiliate is a new to medium-sized agency looking for carrier access and business development implementation. A Partnership is for larger agencies with multiple producers and direct appointments looking to capitalize on profit sharing and maximum business growth. Our goal is to get all our Affiliates to this level.

Can I have carrier appointments outside of Altus?

Yes, but with our extensive knowledge and partnerships, it makes sense in most cases to move everything with Altus to increase your compensation and profit.

Is there a cost to separate from Altus?

No. We designed our contracts and systems to make them the most agent-friendly model without the hidden caveats of many of the other carrier access companies in the market.

How do we get started with Altus Market Access?

The first step is to fill out an Agency Profile sheet and then review the Altus Market Access Contract. Then, our team will contact you and review your application.

What commissions will I receive?

Commissions vary by carrier and product line. By leveraging the volume of our network, we’re often able to offer commission levels greater than what an agent would receive if they were directly appointed. Contact our sales team to get a current commission schedule.

Do you have non-standard markets?

Yes. Although we exclusively focus on preferred line business, Altus knows that agencies also need carriers to fit the non-standard markets.

What carriers do you work with?

Please request a complete list from our sales team.

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What Our Members are Saying

Working with Altus Market Access, Inc improved our relationship with carriers and provided increased revenue opportunities. Altus’ transparency and support have demonstrated a true partnership in the success of our agency” – Aaron Friedman, Apex Insurance Partners (AZ)

Besides access to top carriers, Altus market access, Inc has outstanding service, enhancing the success of my business. Their service team is very responsive and thorough, handling all my needs promptly. I am very pleased with our partnership.Blanca Montejano, Vianca’s Insurance Group (CA)

“The Altus Market Access team is professional and helpful in every step. They were prompt in getting us immediate access so our business is up and running immediately. I am more than happy with the partnership.” Anh Luu, Golden Shield Insurance Services (CA)

Why Choose US

Binding Authority

You have direct binding authority and access to service your customers.

Highest Commission

We offer the higest commission in the insurance industry.

100% Book Ownership

You own your book of business and have access to you customers at all time.